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Re: Non-spankers (could also go with ppd...)

I am with you. I am wired to slap for any offense. My mom was one that swatted for lots of things. Not everything, but I grew up getting spanked.

I have only one time spanked my friend's son (who I watch all week and she has told me to spank him for multiple things, and I don't) and it was completely on accident. Just like you, it was a reaction which I regret. I had told him 7 times not to pick up a certain toy because my son and him were sharing it and it was very heavy. I walked to the kitchen to grab his sippy cup and he picked it up and dropped it on DS's head. DS screamed like I'd never heard him before. I should have just put the toy up, the whole thing was my fault, but before I even knew what I was doing I jerked Landon up, swatted him on the leg and then put him in the corner. Then scooped up DS. Luckily, it just hurt and didn't leave any big marks or anything. And as soon as I calmed DS down, I put him down and got Landon and told him I was sorry for hitting him and that I'd never do it again. He's 23 months right now, he was abou 19 months at the time. I felt, and still feel, horrible about it. When I think about it I get sick to my stomach.

What you have to remember is that we know it was wrong, and we will try our best never to let it happen again.
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