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Re: Nursing a Biter

He doesn't seem to care when I take him off. I mean, sometimes he does because he wants to nurse, but a lot of time he will lay there and roll around and play, not even complain about it. Even when he gets upset, it's more just that he roots around insistantly. It's like he doesn't even connect that the meal was just ended because he bit. And I can't starve him!
He was this same way when we were approaching 8 hrs that one day (with no nursing because he bit me every time), so I *know* it's not because he's not hungry.
I do the pulling him in to me thing if he isn't letting go, but usually he bites real quick, and lets go. We have tons to teething toys, but the only things he likes to chew on are keys and his fingers (and me!).

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