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My 1yr old cries.....a lot

Background: We do NOT CIO. My DD had colic for the first 3 months and did not like to be held but would go in the ring sling if we were out and about. But we really couldn't go anywhere for the first 3 months because she would just scream and scream.

She cut her first teeth around 4 months old. She seemed to be relatively happy though from 3 months to about 8 months. Around 8 months, she started cutting more teeth. And she got a lot fussier.

She has NEVER slept through the night (okay - - - like less than 10 times since birth). Usually she wakes up twice in the night but the past couple of months she is waking up 10 or so times.

During the day now, she cries. A lot. She cries just about everything - riding in the car, eating, if I try to hold her she screams to get down. I feel like she is so unhappy and I just want to see her smile and hear her laugh again.

So my question (if you made it this far - thank you so much): Is this normal? Is it possible for her to be this miserable and cry all day long because of teething? Is this just a normal stage that they go through around 1 year old?

I did take her to an early developmental screening to rule out early childhood developmental issues and she scored just great.

I just want to hold her (okay now I'm crying because I need to get this out) I just want to hold her and cuddle her and she's never let me do that and it really hurts my feelings. How can I attachment parent to a baby who hates being held?

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