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Re: Developing racial awareness, need advice!

Originally Posted by ShayneLeMaster View Post
I personally think that if this is the first time with him having this type of reaction I wouldnt make a big deal out of it and make your son think it is a big deal.. kwim? we are just like you ( based on the OP ) and we try to make sure my daughter doesnt consider skin color when chosing who to try to make freinds with, but she is five and sometimes I think they just have that reaction, there have been times that my daughter didnt want to play with a little girl becuase she didnt like her dress, by the end of the playdate they were " best freinds" but the experience I have had with this kind of behavior is that maybe it's normal.. Allison didnt treat the child with any dis-respect other than being hesitant to play at first. we just explain to her than everyone is different, and not every one likes everyone else but that's just the way the world is and that in the end no one wants to be around people who treat people " ugly " my DH side of the family is quick to spit out racial slurs and other neg comments and my side of the family is Native American and many in the famiy based on the areas of the US they have lived have unfortunatly had to live with the way some people are ignorant to different races even to the extent of calling them names ( but the joke was on them becuase they were wrong we are'nt stupid mexicans , we are stupid indians lol )

but back on topic, if it becomes an everyday thing I would then seriously address it but I think that just a simple talk about how he could have been alot of fun, and things like that are all you can really do for now.

good luck

Right on! In my family, we come in all sorts of shades from very dark brown to blond with what I call "BurnsifIthinkaboutsun" skin. My older son, who is 4, asked my brother (who is fair) how come he didn't look "normal" ('cause most of us are quite dark), and DB just replied "'Cause that's how Creator made me." Honestly, at 4, that's the kind of response that will satisfy them. As the pp said, kids come up with some super odd thoughts, and it's no use getting yourself upset about this. Just keep on raising him to see the beauty of the world, which is acknowledging the beauty in all shades and colours of people rather than to hate it or ignore it .
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