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Re: My 1yr old cries.....a lot

Everything you've written has been normal for us at various times in my dd's life, EXCEPT the fact that she won't let you hold her and comfort her. That would be a giant red flag for sensory problems to me. I've known a few kids like this (varying degrees of the same problem) and it's always sensory related (Sensory Integration Dysfunction). I would talk to your doctor and have her evaluated... if this is the problem, the earlier you start therapy the easier it will be to fix the problem. Alternatively, she could have a physical problem (such as a broken bone) and that's why she doesn't want to be coddled - because it hurts her more.

I think all kids go through phases where they're unusually upset and cry at every little thing, at least mine did, but they were always able to be soothed (more or less )
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