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Re: First food?

well, I never had to add anything to the foods I make because I use the water that was used to steam them in and it was usually enough. I did start with rice cereal though with bm. then we did apples and bananas and then pears and then onto the veggies after those. I think I went with sweet potatoe and butternut squash and peas and then the greenbeans to way to long to do cause I had to strain them cause of the skin or something. Those didnt turn out like I hoped,lol.. Anyway, my whole point is that I totally did things different with my last ds,lol.. from Cd'ing and homemade baby food and bf and everything,lol.. it is so weird to do things you never have done before so you feel like you never even raised 3 others, lol.. I kinda winged it and he is doing just great! LOL.. Good luck!
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