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Nightime pocket suggestion, PLEASE HELP?

I've been using three, used when I got them, wonderoos to nightime diaper my dd for the past 8 months or so. I have NOT been nice to them, washing in hot EVERY wash, drying them 90% of the time and the elastic (shocker) has gone out on them.

Anyway, I NEED a wide pocket for nightime diapering because I have to stuff 3 inserts (2 hemp, 1 microfiber) to hold her overnight. I REALLY like the OS aspect since I'm not worried about bulk. Wonderoos are no longer made and I got a new wonderworks diaper (when she was selling off her stock on ebay), but the materials were so much lower in quality the elastic only lasted on it for 3 washes . What kind of quality are the Haute Pockets, are they like the origional Wonderoos or more like the wonderworks ones? How long has Montana's Diaper Store been selling them?

I've been considering moving to the Bumgenius 2.0, but are they as wide? Is there any other pocket diaper I should consider? Where can you get the best deal on the Haute Pocket or Bumgenius (free shipping or discount)? Thank you so much for the help. I plan on getting more than three and taking better care of them this time
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