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Re: For those that use homeopathic/herbal remedies

We use Herbs for Kids echinacea tincture for the kids as well as a chewable vitamin C without added sugars. My daughter also takes a multi-vitamin by Melaleuca during the winter.

We use hylands teething tablets for teething. We also make sure to keep priobiotics on hand.

I'm allergic to Chamomile and have a very bad reaction to zinc (dry heaves) so we don't keep either on hand.

For me and dh we keep wallys ear oil, ear candles, echinacea and vitamin C. I also use Red Raspberry all the time for my cycle. It helps in regulating it as well as making the pain and everything else that goes with it much less severe and almost non-existant.

For a GREAT referance we use a book called Treat Your Child the Natural Way. Here's
a link to it through amazon. This book has everything in it from homeopathic remedies, traditional, chinese, reflexology points, warning signs, etc... for each ailment in the book. It's an amazing resource for the natural parent.
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