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will I end up liking these or FSOT'em

I have been building up my newborn stash and started out collecting aio's and then get some great deals on fitteds.
The more I compare my fitteds to the aio's the more I think I will not grab for the aio's. I am also getting into wool thus even more apeal to the fitteds.

I have in fitteds
hh sherpa fitteds
meos (although these are more my sons but if I need to pinch hit on a bad diaper day atleast I know I've got'em!)

in AIO's I have
blue penguine/re'use'ms

I don;t think I have anything else currently comming to me in the mail- lol- my wagon went wacky for a while- hehehe...

sooo do I keep the aio's or should I sell them and get a few other fitteds to try???...Minda
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