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Re: Anyone hire a Mother's Helper?

I have a mother's helper every few weeks. It is so nice! She's 10 yrs old and basically plays with the kids. I usually give her a snack, I change the diapers, and I'm around if things aren't going right. Sometimes the toddler needs to be brought to her because he's hanging on my knee, or the 4 yr old needs to calm down and my helper doesn't know what to do. All in all though it's great! The only trouble is I wish I could take a nap. Oh, well.

I pay $5.00 for around 3 hours. Her mom and I split up the drop off and pick up. It's great experience for her and I'm sure she'll put me down on a resume someday.

I say, GO FOR IT! You might want to watch your expectations for your helper depending upon his/her age.
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