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Re: Stroller Help Needed (triple/quad)

i am kind if in a similiar situation....i want a quad stroller but think the prices on them ($1200) are insane!!! i do love the quad buggy and would love to score one used.

for your situation, what do you think the likelihood that you will have another child is?? b/c if you invest a lot of money in a triplet stroller and then in a year or so you have another baby then buying the quad stroller now would be a smarter plan...esp since you having the daycare lo around for the forseeable future. i have looked at the foundations one that they sell at babies r us and target, but many mamas have said they are super heavy (one told me it weighs about 125lbs) and that it doesn't go through you would only be able to take it around your neighborhood and to the park. I am not sure if you would be taking them anywhere else than that, but when you don't have the daycare guy you may want to go to a store or something like that and the super wide stroller would not allow that. i ahve seen those roundabouts for sale here and there, but i think they are sooooo ugly and forget about going any place and not drawing some serious attention to yourself. i don't know where you live, but i would look in to moms of multiples can post an iso so and so kind of stroller there. Those moms are always more willing to sell to fellow members than to list their stuff up on craigslist. But i would be checking craigslist also. And also see if the local resale baby stores can put you on a call list...aka when a triplet or quad stroller comes in, they call you to get first dibs. I don't know what your time frame is, but the more time you have to look the better deal you will be able to find on a stroller that you really want.
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