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Went to sposies at I feel guilty or just go with it?

Went to sposies at I feel guilty or just go with it?

OK, I guess I am a bit of a CD nazi, in that I try to cd 24/7, and I have tried almost every nighttime system out there...I have a VBSN, tried peewells, FB with a JB and MF towel....and for the past few months I have been using a BG with a hemp insert and a CB insert, even if I use the HH oval stuffins, my ds is wet or uncomfortable in the morning and I swear it keeps him from sleeping peacefully ...and usually we are changing him around 4 am after 8 hours of the other day my DH slipped on a sposie and a week later we have used nothing but that...but he wakes up dry and comfie in the morning ....should i try another system or just roll with this, I just hate sposies and never use them, but I guess I am having a hard time giving them up now seeing as they are providing me with some much needed sleep...any advice or does anyone have THE system that I missed?
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