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Re: Went to sposies at I feel guilty or just go with it?

I wouldnt feel bad about it either.... We have a good night time system right now... which is a Swaddlebees one size fitted w/the extra snap-in doubler and a fleece stay-dry liner and then an aristocrat or a delux stacinator fleece. But now that I am adding it up in my head... that system is almost $50!! (and you need at least 2 or 3 diapers so that you dont have to wash every day) Which seems a bit ridiculous.
Plus, like someone else said, once you get the diaper on that is one massive bum and it can be quite a challenge to fit it into footies... Not to mention the fact that it is a pain to put on and almost impossible to do at 4am when you are desperately needing sleep. So, I would say go w/the sposies.... once DS outgrows this system we may do the same. We use them when we are traveling and keep 1 or 2 in the diaper bag just in case. They are so compact and I just cant justify hauling around more than a couple of CDs all the time.

Just one word to the wise: avoid WholeFoods brand diapers. We tried to go the more ecological and cost effective route but have only had one leak or blow out after the other.... Target diapers are so cheap and effective and arent perfumy like some others.

Good Luck and dont feel bad... do whatever works for your family!
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