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Re: Went to sposies at I feel guilty or just go with it?

Originally Posted by Manna00 View Post
WE use sposies at night becuase that's the only thing that works for us for "the long haul"... I don't feel guilty whatsoever. I think 7 sposies a week is a whole lot better than more than that in one day!!
yup us too this is my exact rationale...I have tried everything to keep my heavy wetter dry by morning but nothing works he is always soaked always !! SO I figured that 7 spoises for a week is better than in 1 day as I woudl pretty much go through 10-12 sposies in one day if I werent using cloth....SO buying 1 package for us of about 30-40 diapers last us 1 day opposed to 3 days!! It works so go with it!!
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