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Re: What & how much is your 8 mo old eating (solids)?

My DD has been on breast milk (pumped). At 6 months I offered her cereal. She snarfed it down one day and then wouldn't eat it again. I offered her a few veggies and still nothing. So I waited until just after 7 months and tried again with meat from a jar. She liked veal, turkey and chicken. Then I started with whatever veggies I was making. I threw them in the Magic Bullet for her. She started with green beans, then asparagus, carrots, sweet potato, squash, peas. She didn't like avocado, but next time I have one I will offer it to her again. Banana wasn't a big hit, but she did eat a bit of it each day. I have since offered her rice and oatmeal cereal. She likes the oatmeal better than the rice.
She doesn't have any teeth yet. I haven't tried biscuits or goldfish. Does she need teeth for those?
I have tried the mesh feeder, but she isn't too crazy about it yet.
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