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Re: What is "Cry It Out"?

Originally Posted by pottymomma View Post
Crying it out to me is knowingly letting your baby cry when you could be going to him/her.
I totally agree. I will let Mouse fuss for a few min sometimes to see if she can settle herself but usually not more than 2min. after that it just escallates to crying afterwards anyways.

the only time I ever let her sit there and cry was in the very beginning when I was so exhausted, stressed etc I desperately wanted a shower and all this baby did was cry. I finally changed her, fed her, put her in her crib and went to take my shower. I was a much better mom for it 10min later.

I also see a big diff between sleep training for a 1yo and a 1mo. I hear parents doing it when their baby is itty bitty and has no skills and to me its cruel. to an older child, maybe not as much but I could never od it.
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