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Re: For those that use homeopathic/herbal remedies

Originally Posted by mandikaake View Post
We use Herbs for Kids echinacea tincture for the kids...

We use hylands teething tablets for teething. We also make sure to keep priobiotics on hand.

I'm allergic to Chamomile and have a very bad reaction to zinc (dry heaves) so we don't keep either on hand.

For a GREAT referance we use a book called Treat Your Child the Natural Way. Here's
a link to it through amazon. This book has everything in it from homeopathic remedies, traditional, chinese, reflexology points, warning signs, etc... for each ailment in the book. It's an amazing resource for the natural parent.
Same here. Homeopathic remedies that we keep on hand:
belladonna (for fevers - haven't needed it yet - touch wood!)
aconite (fevers, shock)
kali bich (colds, nasal congestion)
pulsatilla (chunky gross colds)
bryonia (colds w/ cold)
nat mur (sneezy colds)
nux vomica (indigestions, also colds)
arsen alb (upset tummy, diarrhea, vomiting)
rhus tox (painful joints, ligament pains) - this one's for me, LOL

A great book is "the practical handbook of homeopathy" by Colin Griffith. I just got the book above for Xmas, so I haven't had time to really check it out yet.

Everyday I take fish oil, a probiotic and chlorella. I just started this combo in the summer and so far this winter I've only had one cold and thanks to the homeopathics, it lasted ONE day! Usually by now I've had at least 3 colds, plus probably one nasty other illness (ear infection, flu, bronchitis, etc.)
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