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Acronyms and Abbreviations

Signature Guidelines

What Topics belong in Diaper Chatter?

Raffles/Lotteries/Stalking Announcements

Here is instructions on washing and caring for wool

Here is examples of how people wash diapers

Goodmama's FAQ

Comparing Goodmama, Piddle Poddles & Patooshie Pants w/ pics

Boiling Prep for Prefolds Method (with pics)

Trim fit with Prefold

Folds and Pinning Prefolds

Photo Tutorial on the newspaper fold

Putting a prefold on while baby is on tummy

Infant Prefold on 2 year old

Pin and Snappi-free prefold fold

CAUTION - Snappis can cause injuries if you use them coverless!

Pinning and Snapping Prefold

Pinning Tutorial

Video:How to Pin a Diaper

Bikini Twist with Pins

How to fold Flats


Newborn Pics

Snapping a 3SR Mutt

Dying Diapers

Wool Yarn Amounts (when making an item)

How to Measure Wool:

Fixing Elastic on FB

In Regards to Buying/Selling/Trading

Bumping Etiquette

Missing Threads

Free For Shipping


Basic Tips and Safety

Posting Pictures and Hyper-Links

How to leave feedback for WAHM's
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