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Re: HELP! My 2 year old is scared and won't sleep!!!!

Originally Posted by jls~Kain~Drake View Post
We had a thread one time...I don't know if it was the old board or the new...but it was about what people do to 'de-scarify' their dc's bedroom. I remember one had a bottle of water and would spray the room....and they had a picture on the bottle or just told the dc that it was bug/ghost/bad guy spray and that it'd keep the offending creature away. One was they vaccuumed or swept every night to..again, keep the offending creature away. I think someone gave their dc a flashlight so that they could check anything out that scared them. If it's shadows, the flashlight would identify that it's not something that'll hurt him.

Good luck mama
MONSTER SPRAY!!! I was just gonna suggest it! put a bit of like febreeze in it so it has a nice smell! Tell DS that his smells nice and monsters don't like it so they stay away... or make up your own story!
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