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Re: What is "Cry It Out"?

Originally Posted by zebaby View Post
I forgot about the going to take a shower CIO! Do anti-CIO mama's avoid taking a shower (going to the bathroom, brushing their teeth, eating food with a fork, drinking hot liquids, etc.) to avoid having their baby cry? I sling my babe all day but cannot do some things without putting him down for a few minutes. Sometimes he just won't be happy unless he's in my arms!
Actually when I just had 1 child, I would shower after he ate and was down for a nap. I would bring the baby monitor in the bathroom with me and do what I had to. When he got a little older, I put him in a saucer thing and set it at the door ( with it open ) and he would just sit there while I showered. He takes showers with me now.
when I had #2, I would shower after they both went to bed, when the youngest was NB and as he got older I did the same with him as I did with #1 ( the saucer and bouncer seat by the door )
I never had any problems with having to let my children cry just so I can shower or brush my teeth.
DS#2 is a heavy sleeper as well so that makes it a little easier. He started sleepoing throughout the night ( about 10 hours ) at 8 weeks so I didnt have to deal with putting him back to bed in the middle of the night. As of now, he tells me night night when hes ready to go to bed, stands by his crib and waits to put in it. He puts himself to bed around 9 and wakes up around 9 in the morning. I never EVER had to let him cry himself to sleep.
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