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Re: What is "Cry It Out"?

Originally Posted by zebaby View Post
I forgot about the going to take a shower CIO! Do anti-CIO mama's avoid taking a shower (going to the bathroom, brushing their teeth, eating food with a fork, drinking hot liquids, etc.) to avoid having their baby cry? I sling my babe all day but cannot do some things without putting him down for a few minutes. Sometimes he just won't be happy unless he's in my arms!

I will not say that my children never cry. It would be an extreme for a mother to try to make sure her children *never* cry. My point with CIO is that if what I am doing (while I am ignoring their cries) is not necessary then yes, I think it is wrong. That is my opinion. If I can get him calmed down and interested in a book and *then* brush my teeth, then why just put him down and say..."well, you're gonna have to cry then." There are just ways to get around expecting a child to cry to meet your own needs. I am not, in anyway, saying that a mom should not meet her needs....I do think that we are adults and sometimes our needs (drinking a hot cup of coffee) are more wants that can wait a second where as their wants (mommy to comfort me when I cry) are closer to being needs and they do not have the resources to have the patience that we should have as adults.
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