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Re: What is "Cry It Out"?

I do not let Asher CIO. I just can't, it makes me an emotional wreck to listen to him cry. If I am doing chores, I stop and go to him, immediately. If Daddy has him and he starts to cry, I will go and take him from Daddy. A few days ago, he cried for hours on end, but he was being held and comforted, he just wouldn't stop crying (I think he is starting to teethe?) Now, I did start to get frustrated since nothing I was doing was helping, so I did take my boyfriend's advice of setting him down in bed, and leaving the room for five minutes to calm down... and that was the longest five minutes of my life!!!

But we cosleep, and Asher is nursed to sleep every night, so we don't have to use CIO for him to fall asleep. On the whole, I am against it, but whatever works for YOUR family, is what you should use. You are not a better or worse parent for CIO or not CIO.

ETA: Yes, there are some instances where I take Asher to the toilet with me... it's a blast trying to get my pants down, and then back up! But I do what I gotta do... and I only get very quick baths/showers when my boyfriend is home to watch Asher. I'm not brave enough to leave Asher on his own during the daytime!
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