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Re: Are they really getting "dumber"?

Nope, I don't find this in my kids. My first was a lot slower to learn than some of the rest. They're all different and it seems like it all evens out in the end. Pretty soon you won't be able to get that child to quit talking, just wait!! Here's one example. My oldest ds was in the reading help class from 1st grade until 5th grade. He was always behind and they were always worried about him. Now he is in the 7th grade and reads at the end of 9th grade level. So now the next two are going through the same thing. They are in 3rd and 4th, been in the reading help class since 1st or 2nd, and their teachers are always freaking out on me about how they are so behind. Not really in my opinion, since they test only months behind "average" for grade level, but whatever. I don't worry at all because of going through the same thing with the last two (oldest is now caught up in reading too). Don't worry. All kids develop in different areas at different rates. I'm sure your kiddos will be just fine.
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