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Re: "done" or "not done"?? LONNGG......

I absolutley KNOW I am done. I knew by the time I was 35-ish. I couldn't have imagined a worse thing to happen.

But, before that, I was kinda done... but not absolutely completely, positively done.

I think until you have that "a pregnancy would be the worst possible scenerio" feeling, he shouldn't have the vasectomy.

HOWEVER, I THINK... not sure.. just think... that he could have the vasectomy, and still have it reversed later.

I understand how HE feels too. He wants to relax and enjoy himself without that possible thought in the back of his head bothering him. He likes the thought of that "freedom". You know it... it's like how you feel when you are already pregnant, and you can't get MORE pregnant, so you just completely enjoy yourself without that tiny voice reminding you that you might get pregnant.

LMAO.. I have a friend who is pregnant now.. he had a vasectomy five years ago.. she had a surgery that should have made it almost impossible to get pregnant... yet, she is.
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