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Hmmm, what should I buy?

I have a little over $30 in PP to spend. I just can't figure out what I want to spend it on. I don't know if I want a couple more FB, a wool soaker or some regular covers. Or even if I want to get some nighttime inserts....

We use FB at night and when we go out. We only use PF when we are at home.

We only CD part time, but we do it all the time during the weekend. Right now, this is my stash:

2 HH prints
6 FB
1 PW
13 premium PF
8 infant PF for use as doublers
2 prorap covers
1 tester PUL cover
1 stacinator fleece cover
1 MaiMai BB wool cover
1 pair recycled longies
1 VK AI2
3 MOE microfiber inserts
various other microfiber towels
3 fleece topped hemp doublers
11 WAHM hemp inserts

I am kinda leaning towards the FB, but I would have to buy new b/c I don't see any in DD's size on the FSOT board.
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