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Re: "done" or "not done"?? LONNGG......

We have kids similar ages, though I am a year older, and my DH is 9 years older than you are.

My DH is done. I am unsure. But I respect his wishes. I am happy with our three boys, and I truly do think that having more will stretch me thinner than I am already. I am just now getting a hobby of my own (DS!), and haven't even started working out again (can't while BFing, I burn too many calories), and I want to go to law school some day.

Anyway, we "don't know" we're done. Even he is hesitant. But we have chosen to be done. So, IMO you might know and you might not. Some days we both want more. Most days we are happy just as we are.

IMO, do not do the IUD. Infection is a problem based on your history. Vasectomies are usually reversible, though considered permanent. I know LOTS of guys who got them reversed when younger wife #2 wanted a baby or two. (You guessed it, we're military too :giggle). And I don't know why every guy I know who has done that is mil, but I just don't know a single civ. who has reversed it

Ok, good luck!
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