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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

Originally Posted by peytons mommy View Post
I was up for the experiment tonight. I grabbed one nasty stained prefold put it in a little tub poured vinegar over it then spinkled the oxy over it, it foamed up and then the prefold blew up like balloon, I didn't notice any heat, but we will see what the morning brings.
I just re-experimented because my prefold didn't blow up when I did it the first time (it bubbled and floated). So, when I did it the way you said, where you sprinkled the oxyclean on there, then it did. Not a whole lot of heat that way either. Then I increased the oxyclean (the full amount ended up being 3/4 to nearly a whole scoop) and added a little more vinegar. THAT'S when it happened. Lotsa heat and foam.

So, if you want that result, add a touch more oxyclean and a lot more vinegar.
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