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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

Originally Posted by jamesandjennie View Post
What I found on google-

Vinegar and peroxide (what oxiclean mostly is) creates peracetic acid, which is an industry-level disinfectant.

I also read that it should be handled VERY carefully and is unstable because it explodes when 105-110 degrees Celsius (about 220 degrees F). That's pretty hot, but I don't know how hot the reaction itself is getting.

So- I would SERIOUSLY do this outside, and safety goggles might not be a bad idea, without kiddies around.
Holy cow! Yeah, mine didn't get anywhere near 220 degrees F. I don't think it got too close to 120 degrees F. So, it got hot enough for me to put it down but not get burned. It certainly disinfected everything though, lol!

As far as putting a diaper in it with elastic--I'm not sure. Do you have an old, outgrown diaper that might have loose elastic? Or some elastic laying around that you could put in the mixture to see if it makes it snap? If you do go ahead and use your diaper, I'd make sure to not stretch the elastic until it had cooled. After having said that, I don't think that it will hurt it. But, I could be mistaken.

Maybe I need to take a chemistry class because it was fun doing this!
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