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Re: Are they really getting "dumber"?

Oh LOL! This cracks me up. Have you considered it's because, with your first, you had lots of time to drill useless facts in his head? But then, by baby number four, you know that by the time popsicle season rolls around, he'll learn his colors on his own? (You know, "I want BLUE!" "No, green!" "I get red!" And, yes, this is really how several of my children learned their colors.)

Our oldest is extremely, EXTREMELY academic - very much a self learner and has always been years ahead. She knew her ABCs before she turned two. Our second couldn't be understood by family members much before the age of 5. I think you'll find as they get older, they're each gifted VERY differently.

Our oldest is academic.
Our second is very moral and upright. His gift is going to be as a husband a father and just the type of person he is, kwim?
Our fourth is gifted with drama, and I don't mean that sarcastically. She LOVES being up on a stage, in front of an audience and has since she was 2 or 3. She's fabulous at it.
Our fifth is a lover. She is kind and gentle and never, ever mean. She loves animals and sweetness and while she is very good at catching onto things, like reading, she has absolutely NO social ability whatsoever.
Our sixth is Tim. Tim is never, ever happy unless he's being abused through manual labor. I'm not kidding. That kid only has peace when he is thoroughly exhausted. He's splitting wood with Dad today. His idea of the best time in the world. Split wood or go to Disneyworld? No brainer. Split wood.
Our seventh is two. She is EXACTLY like our oldest. She speaks beautifully and wants to be read to and taught to do everything.
The eighth - well, we'll see. She's 10 months old.

But I think oldest children are generally more advanced. And I think with subsequent children they don't do the things **we** categorize as "smart" quite as soon. But you'll see, as they get older, that they are all very gifted in different areas. And it is your RESPONSIBILITY to help each child find their gift so they can use it as it was intended. When I look at successful adults you are not seeing "well rounded" people or "smart" people... You're seeing people who found their gift and really honed it. Look at Bill Gates. Look at Maya Angelou. Look at Mother Theresa. All very different people. None of them "well rounded" but each amazing in their own, unique, special way. I don't need "smart" children. I need children who recognize they are created and gifted uniquely. :P
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