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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

Originally Posted by xcruzme View Post
think this would work on non-ammonia stink? i have some bg os i bought off of fsot that just have a stink to them. i soaked them yesterday in a whole bottle of vinegar for about 3 hours and then i washed them with about 1/2 cup of bleach and a squirt of dawn. rinsed several times. they still stink. i can't explain the's almost like maybe she used tea tree oil but the whole bottle! :yikes i don't know what to do!
I had a BG that smelled awful, the diaper, not the insert. Since I switched to Tide Free 2x liquid, it no longer stinks. Nothing different no soaking etc. Just with repeated regular washing it finally smells normal. Maybe if you dont want to wash all your dipes in tide, just try that one. Who knows. It worked for me.
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