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Re: What & how much is your 8 mo old eating (solids)?

DD will be 9 months on 2/1, and she eats every puree I throw at her. She loves yogurt and devours bananas in the strainer-feeder. We just started teething biscuits, and she's only just figuring out that puffs are for eating not just playing. Occasionally I'll give her an apple slice to gnaw on (she's got half a tooth on the bottom), but she doesn't do much more than suck on it (plus I'm paranoid about her getting too big a chunk and choking so she doesn't usually have it for long).

We just started pureed meat in the jar (but beef only, since there are poultry allergies in the family). She's not too sure about more complicated textures, so we're just taking it easy. She doesn't get a whole lot of cereal, but I did grind up some oatmeal for her the other day (I don't think she was very impressed). For avocados, we mix them with formula to get the right consistency. (we've supplemented since the start, but she's primarily bf'd).

So she gets roughly 2 small jars (2oz each?) per day - one for breakfast and one at daycare, and occasionally some for dinner.

ETA: We started with sweet potatoes at around 5 months - she was practically launching herself at every bite I was taking, so I figured she was ready.
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