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Re: What & how much is your 8 mo old eating (solids)?

Well my guy turned 9 mo on Monday, but he doesn't eat much still. He is mostly EBF. He wakes about three times at night, although I don't think it is out of hunger. I give him cheerios and I also give him the frozen mixed veggies and bananas cut up into small bites. This is jsut because he can't really eat what we are eating and he wants to. Well, at least he thinks he does. he really doesn't care for most htings. He loves bread, bananas and whole apples. THat is pretty much it!

The German baby cereal is really great!! It says at the top what age they can have it at. Like it will have an 8 for 8 months. And the pictures show what the cereal is, not to mention most of the stuff is nearly the same as english. She might want to try some of those out. Way better than the rice cereal gerber stuff you can buy on base!!
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