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Re: "done" or "not done"?? LONNGG......

Thanks for all the wisdom. DS is so awesome. My IRL friends have NO idea what I am feeling right now. It seems everyone has this figured out except for me.

SO, here's the update... We went to visit family this weekend up north and hasted my brother's welcome home party at my folks (he just got back from Iraq two weeks ago). Lots of family and lots of friends, lots of kiddos running aorund and lots of babies needing held and cuddled. I WAS LOVING IT. I totally still ave the newborn ga-ga's and I just dont feel like I could NOT have one more. So, I initiated the conversation one night after guests had left and we were relaxing in the jacuzzi ALONE! Told DH that I was feeling really suneasy with the vasectomy. I really feel like we are too young to make such a permanent decision about our family. I understand that condoms were getting a little old and I dont want him getting bored of the sex because of them... (sorry...TMI ) so, I offered to go on the pill until we decide in a coupke of years where we stand on that. I dont want one NOW anyways so this isnt an issue to me. We can give of the "fun-spoilers" (as DH calls them ) but he still has to be "careful"...

He seems pleased with this setup and hopefully it will work....for a while... EEK! I am pleased with this and am super thankful we had the talk.

Thanks for sharing all your thoughts and experiences.
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