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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Funny to see this thread, as it became very heated on my due date (April '09) group. People have such strong opinions one way or the other. I remember one mama who said her DH and her had worked in the healthcare field and wanted to circ. because they'd seen adult males have it done. I did home healthcare work years ago and an old man had to get circ.'ed for health reasons, and seeing the healing process is exactly why I didn't want any future son of mine to get cut. Seeing how raw and painful it looked on a big scale was scary. Our son is intact, and I'm due with another one in a few weeks, and he will be as well. Most of his little friends are also intact. The only friend he has who isn't was adopted and came to my friends already circ.'ed. And, yeah, no problems, easy to clean. DH was strongly against circumcision, which was nice. He is circ.'ed, but feels if our sons want to be, it should be their decision. What I don't understand in the heated debate is the cleanliness issue. When our sons' foreskins retract, they'll have to be educated as to how to clean it. I wonder how many parents with cut sons tell their kids how to clean it, or if they just assume it's clean because they were cut. My ex before my husband was intact, and I would say his was the cleanest of any guy I'd been with, because he'd take a lot of time cleaning it.
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