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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

This is a great thread. My son is circ'd and the baby I will be having this year will be circ'd. I am fully aware of the reasons not to circ, however my husband was circ'd as an adult and said it was one of the worst things he ever experienced. I realize the possibility of needing to be circ'd as an adult is slim, but because my DH has been there I left the decision to circ or not to circ up to him. I was fine with either choice and because I am a woman I obviously do not have first hand experience with this, my husband does, has been on both sides of the circ, and felt it the best option for us to circ our sons. My DH is also fully aware of the growing argument against circing. We are in Canada and it is elective and not covered by our healthcare plan so we do pay out of pocket for it.
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