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Re: Anyone hire a Mother's Helper?

With kids I think that we all have to lower expectations. My house is not very clean and as long as clutter is picked up every now and then, I feel fine. It used to bother me a lot, but now I figure, it is just going to get messy anyway.

I think that you should enlist the help of your older kids. They are totally old enough to be helping out with a ton of stuff. It wouldn't even take them that long to help you. If they are messing up the house, they at least need to be cleaning up after themselves and have regular chores. A family should all be chipping in to help and clean up after themselves.

I think a mother's helper is a great idea. I had my mom and sister help me and my mom still takes my kids once every week and I get a lot of stuff done then. It helps a lot. Maybe you could kind-of trade off with another mother. You could take turns watching each others kids so that the other could clean and get errands done, and then you could switch. You can get a ton done in just 2 or 3 hours!!
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