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Re: Cloth or disposable wipies?

I started using cloth wipes on my dd when she was a baby (I am only now starting to cd #3) because she had such sensitive skin. It seemed even the most gentle sposie wipes tore up her bum. Everytime she had a rash and I had to wipe her the sposie wipes would burn her bum and she would scream. The cloth never did that. I am only going with cloth this time from the get go. i just keep a stack in an empty sposie wipe container or a basket and grab as I go (had a bad response using the wipe warmer). I generally just use tap water on my way but often I will buy honey chunks sensitive and use those in a squirt bottle. When I leave the house I pre wet the wipes and put them in a ziplock baggie (I am upgrading to a wipe wet bag soon). It's easy and gentle on the bum.

I had to add that I keep a stack of smaller cloth wipes in the bathroom for the older kids to use on their hands and faces. I have a stack with my mama pads that I use during my AF visits. I could not handle them being used for adult poo though We have a wipe system so everyone knows whos wipes are whos and what they are used for. Tween ds would freak if he used a bum wipe on his face or worse an AF wipe.
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