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Re: Vaccine side-effects?

Originally Posted by allye View Post
Oh I completely hear that.
I am just shocked at what I am hearing about the vaccines. I wish I would have known all of these things sooner.
And yes, if I ever want my DD in my 4 yr old DD's daycare, I will have to at some point have her vaccinated. They will not allow a child to attend unless they are up to date with their shots... *sigh*

Thank you for this information Hayley, I am off for sure to read this!
If you present the waiver (that is legally allowed in your province), then your child should be allowed to be admitted. They may *say* your child has to be up to date, but in actuality, they cannot MAKE you inject your child w/ toxins to attend a daycare. Do your research & know your rights! Nobody can make you POISON your child! Good luck w/the waivers! When we do our kids' daycare paperwork each year, in the section where we are supposed to list the vaccination history, I write "see attached waiver" and then include the waiver and we have never even been questioned.
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