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Re: How many kids do you have and how many did you want?

Originally Posted by Nanner99 View Post
After #2, I knew I wanted another one, no doubt about it. After #3, I really was not sure. DH said NO WAY, but later changed his mind. I decided it was a sign and we got preggo with #4.
Interesting! I feel/felt the EXACT same way. I've always wanted 4. After my first two babies, I felt almost immediately after their births that I wanted another. After #3, I'm really not sure, for many many reasons.

But just today in fact, I was going through some clothes to take to the thrift store and swooped out all my babies clothes to give away, wondering why am I keeping baby clothes? if I don't think we are having another baby? THIS IS SO HARD TO DO!!! Because I would LOVE to have another girl. I am thankful to have one girl and two boys, but I still wish for another daughter.

DH has always said and tells anyone who asks if we're done that it's my decision But lots of times he tells me that he does think 3 is enough. Who knows how I might feel in a couple years? I'm 32 years old.
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