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Re: Vaccine side-effects?

Ok, first I have to correct the first comment - there is no vaccine for scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is a complication of a strep infection. There has never been a scarlet fever vaccine in widespread use.

Thank you for the info.. now that you went over the Heps it was C that is scary.. my mom had it and so did my uncle and both were out and down for 3 months. My intentions of the scarlet fever comment was not AT ALL to say that I thought there was a vac for it was simple to show that older diseases such as Polio and others have a way of coming back into circulation long after we think they are completely gone! I am sorry for the misunderstanding. As far as Polio, my dad had and has the ressiduals of Polio and though it may very well be an irrational fear... I am afraid of it coming back into circulation once again, even though it is not a killer, it did make most of his child hood and all of his life challenging and uncomfortable because of its long lasting effects. THank you for the facts though.. they do help settle my mind a little. I guess what we are all saying is that Vacs for the most part are pretty useless especially when weighed with the side effects that the kidos experience.
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