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Allen's review

Allen's Liquid Detergent

As with all the other detergents I have tested, it took a bit of time to find the sweet spot with Allen's. I actually started then stopped as I was still trying to clear the recurring issues that I'd gotten through testing the soapnuts.

Allen's is one of the most expensive eco-detergents sold on the market and I would definitely recommend it for washing diapers. I find Allen's is a high sudsing detergent and you only really a small amount, I found that using 1/3 of a teaspoon was enough for my diapers to come clean (little to no ammonia stink). You can imagine how long a bottle would last using such a small amount at a time. This is with extra water added to the FL and with an extra rinse at the end. It also seems to do the best job at stain removing of all the detergents I have tried thus far (but it won't take out all the stains). The good news is that if you use too much in your wash, it washes out fairly quickly with two subsequent washes.
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