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Question Sizing: Stacinator Stretch Day/Night

Hi everyone!

Anyone use Stacinator Stretch, the new thicker day/night? What have you found as far as sizing. I just bought a large, but I'm thinking I need to exchange for a medium. Gabrielle is 19.6 lbs, has thighs around 12", waist about 17" (without a cloth diaper on), and rise about 16/17". She's about 29 inches tall I think.

How much shrinking will happen if I wash? She's on the tightest snap setting right now with a prefold on.

Also, she wears a medium Fuzzi Bunz (with a JB only there is one snap showing at the thighs and no snaps showing in the waist)


Theda and Gabrielle (11 months, 6 days old)
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