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I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!

We found out in the last few weeks that we are expecting our second little girl. My dh and I are truly happy that she is healthy and strong so far. We LOVE having a daughter and are just as happy to be having a second one. While most people have been happy for us, there has been some rude comments about the baby not being a boy. It's like of course we can't be truly happy unless we have one boy, one girl, perfect little house and don't forget the well-behaved dog! Arrgghh!!! I really don't know why it even bothers me. I should just let it roll off my back, right? I try to make a polite comment like "we are very fortunate to have two healthy girls and couldn't ask for more" but what I really want to say is far harsher. I just do not understand people that are disappointed about the sex and seem to forget that having a baby is not something every woman has the opportunity to do plus there are millions of kids in the world with handicaps of all sorts. Why would I be anything but please when I am expecting a healthy baby???? Then you get the comments about immediately trying for a third in hopes for a boy. Again, totally rude and personal too. I just say "We haven't decided on a third but will be happy to have whatever God blesses us with".
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