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Re: Crazy, overly paranoid question about EpiPen

You take liquid Benadryl at the first sign of a reaction and call an ambulance if you see any breathing complications.

I have honestly never carried an epi-pen just in case. I'm amazed a doctor would do that.

I have Epi-pens scattered around my house, in my van and in my purse. In the kitchen and the van is liquid benadryl. In my purse is the quick disolve strips benadryl.

After I became allergic to tree nuts, I used to wonder how I would know if I needed to use the epi-pen. Turns out, when you can't breathe the sight of that huge, nasty needle becomes irrelevant.

You absolutely can react on a first exposure but that reaction is rarely severe enough to kill you. Each exposure will increase the reaction once you start reacting.
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