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Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!

I understand mama. I'm a very happy and proud mama of two beautiful girls and I couldn't wish for more. I was thrilled when we found out that our second was going to be a girl because they are very close in age. They are 19 months apart and are best friends. I hope they stay that way throughout their lives.

I still get comments about having two girls and they are now 2 and 3.5! Like people think I'm going to be crying in my cheerios each morning because the only boy in the house is DH. People are stupid. I think it's great if you have one of each or two of one. I don't care. People ask me if we're going to try for a third to get a boy and I always tell them that I don't care what sex our children are, we probably won't have anymore, and even if we did we would NEVER try purposely for one sex or the other. I honestly don't understand the worlds obsession with have the 'perfect' family with one boy and one girl and a dog. I do have the white picket fence though and it is very pretty!
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