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Re: circumcision prevents hiv?

Hmm... yea.. that article was poorly written. I won't comment on the trial, because there's just no way to know without a better written description.
My initial thoughts, just on what little WAS written:
They didn't mention what happened with the first group vs the control group. That's kinda important.
And the infection rate difference between circ and uncirc'ed was probably within the margin of error for the test.
HSV-2 was detected in 114 circumcised men compared with 153 uncircumcised men.
That's only a difference of 39 men, and in a study group of 5000, that's a VERY VERY small difference, less than 1%. If the margin of error for the trial is 1 or 2%, you're looking at NO DIFFERENCE between circ and uncirc.

My $.02
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