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Re: Crazy, overly paranoid question about EpiPen

We had one major reaxion to an Earth's best babyfood over ayaer ago. It caused hot red lightly swollen hives on DS's face and immediate vomiting and swelling. We tested for all ingredients and called the manufacturer and no results. It literally happened after 4 bites. They told us to always to benedryl (we carry the single dose liquid packs everywhere) and were presecribed an epipen jr. We don't always carry it anymore though and I think it expired.

Reminds me to look into that again, but since we have no idea what caused it????????

For mild hives to things like perfume, benedryl single dose liquid has always worked really quickly for DS. And you can give a second dose if ambulance is taking too long and symptoms start coming back. You have to call 911 if you ever use the epi anyway....
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