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Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!

You should hear what people say to me... I have 4 boys, and people used to ask me all the time if we were going to keep "trying for a girl" and all that... I tended to say, no because I was glad I could say things like "Girls can't do that, you have to..." and not have to worry about teaching something completely different to a daughter. I've never actually said that, by the way... but it's how people like that tend to think. Now it's coming back to haunt me LOL. #5, who should be here in a couple of weeks, happens to be a girl. People say things like, "Finally! That means you can stop now- right?" I tend to be just as rude and say, "NO WAY! That's like the ONLY thing DH does well!" Somehow, that always seems to make the comments stop.
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