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Re: What do you do when your child is not "afraid" of the stove????

Originally Posted by NataschaN View Post
teach them fear of the stove...

In a nice way. Or if that doesn't work make sure that they do not have acess to thestove.
Our son and all my DC kids are not the least interrested in the stove or oven or anything but the fridge and pantry (because they know that is where the "good" stuff is stahsed away ).
They have those guards that you can mount on the cooktop of your stove. Not sure if it works, because we don;t have to use it.
Can you get gates for the kitchen?

We will actualy install one now that it is getting hotter. Our dogs do not mind at all to be outside for an hour or two when the weather is nice and warm, but now that it is getting realy hot we will keep them inside for anything but 5 minutes potty time. They are inside at noghts and most of the day anyways. Also they are kids friendly, I want to have a gate up so they get some relax time. Otherways the kids will hang onto them all day. The gate will keep the kids away from the dogs.
Good luck!
I have a latch to keep the door of the oven closed but it is "aftermarket" so I don't trust it 100%
I can gate it off from one direction, but soon when we do our remodel it will be completely open.

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
I just wanted to thank all the sweet mamas posting here. I was really anxious when I mentioned that I purposely teach my children about hot by allowing them to experience it on a safe level. I fully expected to open this thread up this afternoon to see someone accusing me of child abuse. Instead I found supportive mothers who suggested similar things. Thank you ladies for being so awesome and helpful.

And I like the flour/cinnamon distraction technique. I will have to use it with my LOs when I am up to my elbows in raw chicken guts. (eeeeeeeeeew)
I was actually suprised that no one said anything either. I kind of winced when I read it but not because I have issue with it. (I think it is a good idea) but because sometimes stuff here gets blown way out of proportion.
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