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Re: Crazy, overly paranoid question about EpiPen

Originally Posted by spotsmum13 View Post
Ok, I don't mean to sound really rude, but first off you can't have a reaction the with the first exposure. Also, why are you worrying about an epipen situation that hasn't happened?? My DD was 5 at the time she first administered the epipen to me, and was 6 when she administered it to herself. Take a breath and worry about other things that the what ifs. Enjoy your kids. No you don't have to call 911 if you use the epi, but you do still need to seek medical treatment. You can give up to 3 epipens while waiting or enroute to hospital. Yes, it's scary but why would you carry one if you didn't need it? I think it's a big waste of money if you don't need it. They expire in 1 year, so you are saying you are going to spend 100$ per year just in case your kids are allergic?
Your kids could walk across the street and get hit by a car, or choke on food, are you going to make them stay in your yard and not eat food too?
Personally I just like to be prepared because that is exactly it, I DON'T know if they are fatally allergic and this IS something that I can do to be prepared.
I'm a firm believer in that. Yes of course they can walk across the street and get hit, but I CAN'T control that.

Live and let live. You did sound a bit rude mama. Not sure why you felt the need to comment if you had nothing positive to add.
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